The Candy Corn Witch

And anthology of authors sharing their stories for an Alzheimer's charity anthology, Halloween themed. S.E. Winters contributed her story "The Candy Corn Witch".

A Lesson in Trust

The first book in the "Lessons Series" by Raven Genevieve
Currently undergoing cover and editing revisions, original release June 23, 2016

Prey Little Sister

Inspired by classic film evil, this tale twists you through the realization that Savannah isn't just any other teenager. She is a legacy of murderous horror.

A Lesson in Patience

The second book in the "Lessons Series" by Raven Genevieve
Currently awaiting editing for release soon!

Keeping Time

Coming in 2020!
"Women of Time"
A new book series featuring 16 books of romantic time-jumping tales

Three Lessons in Life

The third book in the "Lessons Series" by Raven Genevieve, which will be released soon after book 2.

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