Darkness Within

My first publication was part of a Halloween anthology for Alzheimer's. My contribution, The Candy Corn Witch, was released individually in 2020.
S.E. Winters, 2016

The Ravens Sister Updated cover.jpg

The Ravens' Sister

A sister’s sacrifice was meant to save her seven raven brothers, but the Sisters Grimm know the true story, and it’s more grim than you might think..
S.E. Winters, 2020


A Lesson in Trust

Re-releasing in 2021!
The first book in the "Lessons Series" trilogy.
Currently undergoing cover and editing revisions, releasing soon!

Raven Genevieve, 2016

Kaleidoscope Hearts Anthology

Postcards from Bliss

We all know that you can’t send postcards from Heaven, but what about postcards from bliss?
A sweet, tender, short romance.
Releasing separately as soon as
S.E. Winters, 2021

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Prey Little Sister

Inspired by classic film evil, this tale twists you through the realization that Savannah isn't just any other teenager. She is a legacy of murderous horror.
S.E. Winters, 2019


The Candy Corn Witch

A Halloween Short but Sweet Story by S.E. Winters. Sometimes life's trials are just golden messages in disguise.
S.E. Winters, 2020

A Lesson in Patience

A Lesson in Patience

The second book in the "Lessons Series" trilogy.
Raven Genevieve, coming 2022

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Angry Woman's Guide

The Angry Woman's Guide to not-so-snappy Comebacks

A collection of stories, poems and snappy comebacks in honor of International Women’s Day
Raven Genevieve, 2021

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Keeping Time

From the Women of Time Collection: Keeping Time is the story of a high school drummer who breaks her vanity mirror and gets sent back to 1990 to figure out her senior year.
Raven Genevieve, 2020


Beware the Blue Moon

Two people on a bus, one driving and one studying, and a twisted tale of love and horror to make you wonder “where is this bus driver going anyway?”
S.E. Winters, 2021

Three Lessons in Life

Three Lessons for Life

The third book in the "Lessons Series" trilogy.

Raven Genevieve, coming 2022

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Jayne is determined to find her sister's killer, even if her Mother tells her to let it go. But she wasn't expecting him to be sent literally from hell...
S.E. Winters, 2022

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