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Snow E. Winters is an author, mother, wife, and curious individual. No topic is left unexplored in her mind, and what happens, as a result, is anyone's guess. Branching off from her romance writing duties (as Raven Genevieve), S.E. Winters decided to dip her toes in the waters of the mysterious, paranormal, possibly macabre, and even horrible. I mean, what good is having nightmares if you can't do anything with them after you wake up?


Stories written by Snow:


Coming soon!

  • Kaleidoscope Hearts Anthology (3rd Annual!)
    Contribution: Postcards from Bliss
    We all know that you can’t send postcards from Heaven, but what about postcards from bliss?
    Releasing in Mar 2021

  • Choices (a trilogy novel work in progress)
    Release date for book 1 estimated for October 2021


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