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Raven Genevieve is a mother, wife, and full time woman. Her life, and the life of the women around her, are her inspiration for her romance novels. Feeling that the world needed to change its approach to love, she started writing to get thoughts out of her head, and what happened was a story inspired by herself and every woman that she had ever met.

Living in Ohio with her family, Raven loves to be active in any sport or adventure that she can find. She enjoys reading and expanding her knowledge on new topics, as well as finding new and strange topics to research with her children. She’s a lover of animals, chocolate, and laughter. For those few summer months in Ohio, you may spot her riding by on her Harley Davidson, but you probably won’t know it’s her because of her helmet. Don’t forget to look twice!


She's also the "instructor" for the "RG University" blog on our home page. You'll see various lessons from her posted from time to time, as well as read some of these lessons in her novels listed below. Don't forget to do your homework, and watch for contests for prizes and contests coming in 2021!


Women of Time Book Collection

Keeping Time - a novel of love, music, and destiny that crosses time. Seven years of bad luck is nothing when compared to getting sent back in time.
Released July 10, 2020

The Angry Woman's Guide Collection

The Angry Woman's Guide to not-so-snappy Comebacks 2021 - a collection of all the things we wish we’d said in the moment, but were too mad to say. A collection of poetry and writings from various authors in honor of International Women's Day 2021. Proceeds will be donated to a local 'Girls in Coding' club! Help support!
Releasing March 8, 2021!!! PREORDER NOW!

Lessons Trilogy

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